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Adaptive Flash: A Single Storage Architecture for All Your Critical Applications

The Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform enables enterprise IT organizations to implement a single architectural approach to dynamically cater to the needs of varying workloads. Within this single platform, customers can apply multiple service levels to address a wide range of enterprise applications. Assign an All Flash service level for demanding applications requiring deterministic low latency, while simultaneously applying an Auto Flash service level which more efficiently uses flash resources to cater to the majority of mainstream applications that require a balance of high performance and capacity. For applications with lower performance requirements, the No Flash service level optimizes for cost of capacity.

Adaptive Flash is the only storage platform that optimizes across performance, capacity, data protection, and reliability within a dramatically smaller footprint.

Adaptive Flash is built upon Nimble’s CASL™ architecture, and InfoSight™, the company’s cloud-connected management system. CASL scales performance and capacity seamlessly and independently. InfoSight leverages the power of deep data analytics to provide customers with precise guidance on the optimal approach to scaling flash, CPU, and capacity around changing application needs, while ensuring peak storage health.

Key Benefits

·         Eliminate silos of storage through the ability to offer multiple storage service levels within the same architecture, from All Flash to hybrid Auto Flash or even No Flash

·         Grow seamlessly by scaling compute, cache, or capacity independently and non-disruptively

·         Minimize risk with integrated snapshots and consistent backups, SmartSecure™ encryption, and efficient replication for disaster recovery

·         Improve IT productivity with push-button deployment and the proactive, analytics based support of InfoSight

·         Take a flexible, building-block approach to achieving Cloud scale


CASL Architecture

Nimble Storage solutions are built on its patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™) architecture. CASL leverages the unique properties of flash and disk to deliver high performance and capacity – all within a dramatically small footprint. CASL and InfoSight™ form the foundation of the Adaptive Flash platform, which allows for the dynamic and intelligent deployment of storage resources to meet the growing demands of business-critical applications.


Key Innovations from CASL

·         Flexible Flash Scaling
Flexibly scale flash to satisfy the changing performance demands of today’s business-critical applications.

·         Adaptive Flash Service Levels
Tailor the amount of flash allocated to workloads on a per-volume basis. Assign one of three flash service levels (All Flash, Auto Flash and No Flash) to accommodate latency-sensitive critical applications to capacity-optimized applications, for management efficiency and optimal TCO.

·         Dynamic Flash-Based Read Caching
CASL caches “hot” active data onto SSD in real time—without the need to set complex policies. This way it can instantly respond to read requests—as much as 10X faster than traditional bolt-on or tiered approach to flash.

·         Write-Optimized Data Layout
CASL collects or coalesces random writes, compresses them, and writes them sequentially to disks. This results in write operations that are as much as 100x faster than traditional disk-based storage.

·         Inline Compression
CASL compresses data as it is written to the array with no performance impact. It takes advantage of efficient variable block compression and multicore processors. A recent measurement of our installed base shows average compression rates from 30 to 75 percent for a variety of workloads.

·         Scale-to-Fit Flexibility
CASL allows for the non-disruptive and independent scaling of performance and capacity. This is accomplished by either upgrading the storage controller (compute) for higher throughput, moving to larger flash SSD (cache) to accommodate more active data, or by adding storage shelves to boost capacity. This flexible scaling eliminates the need for disruptive forklift upgrades.

·         Scale Out
Scale capacity and performance beyond the physical limitations of a single array by seamlessly clustering any combination of Nimble Storage hybrid arrays. Eliminate capacity silos and performance hotspots, and easily manage all hardware resources across the cluster as a single storage entity.

·         Snapshots and Integrated Data Protection
CASL can take thousands of point-in-time instant snapshots of volumes by creating a copy of the volumes’ indices. Any updates to existing data or new data written to a volume are redirected to free space (optimized by CASL’s unique data layout). This means there is no performance impact due to snapshots and snapshots take little incremental space as only changes are maintained. This also simplifies restoring snapshots, as no data needs to be copied.

·         Efficient Replication
Nimble Storage efficiently replicates data to another array by transferring compressed, block-level changes only. These remote copies can be made active if the primary array becomes unavailable. This makes deploying disaster data recovery easy and affordable – especially over a WAN to a remote array where bandwidth is limited.

·         Zero-Copy Clones
Nimble Storage arrays can create snapshot-based read/writeable clones of existing volumes instantly. These clones benefit from fast read and write performance, making them ideal for demanding applications such as VDI or test/development.