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Mti Systems has invested more than 20 years in the storage and data management industry, one of the fastest growing in the IT field.  The ever growing set of digitalization globally, makes the investment in new technologies an absolute must if anyone likes to survive the tremendous increase not only in the amount of data but also in the type and the way to extract information, to backup, protect and to analyze. As such, companies that are specific not only to storage and data management are the true leaders in the industry. Here we are not talking anymore about SAN vs NAS nor HW architecture or availability technics which are all addressed by now, but for far more advanced issues such as expansion on line, non stop operations, embedded data protection, cloud capability and self-service portals with analytics. Mti Systems is a pioneer in the field and we are excited to educate customers about the technology and the trends. This is why we have chosen to work with the top visionary vendors in the field.


NetApp, the leader in the storage and data management was established in 1992 as the founder of NAS and has established itself as the undisputed leader both technical and market share of the storage and data management industry. NetApp has presence in all of the sub categories of the Data market and has leadership In the unified storage, All Flash storage, NAS category, scale out, and storage with cloud links.

Hitachi Vantara

The global leader in high end storage systems powering the majority of the world’s ultra-high end enterprise mission critical apps. It’s the only company to guarantee 100% data availability to its customers, Hitachi Vantara is also a leader in All Flash storage and object storage as well as NAS.

Hpe NimbleStorage

Nimble that offers the smartest low mid range to entry high level enterprise storage SAN only (Block System) was founded 12 years ago and was acquired by Hpe in 2017. Hpe Nimble is the first storage system that does not require support as it supports itself. Apart from the amazing CASL file system which is a flash optimized hybrid storage system that takes advantage of the best that spinning disk and flash have to offer, Nimble first introduced to the market Infosight, a cloud based system that receives metrics continuously from your system and has built in predictive analytics.